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The Best Orthopedics in NJ: Award-Winning Doctors

Dec 1, 2022

The 2022 Jersey Choice Best Doctor issue lists the best, most prestigious doctors in the state. The criteria for getting on this list are fairly high and are only earned by the approval of one’s own peers. More than 26,000 doctors from New Jersey are asked for their opinion and the collective results are presented on this annual list. OINJ had the honor of being the home of as many as 11 experts in their respective fields. Here are our honorees:

OINJ Staff

Drs. DeFalco, Teja, and Koss

With sports medicine being such an important field of orthopedic specialty, Drs. Robert. A. DeFalco, Paul G. Teja, and Stephen Koss provide services in the treatment of the shoulder, knee, and hip. Needless to say, these areas tend to have the most common sports injuries.

Dr. DeFalco and the sports medicine teams cover over a dozen schools and colleges in Sussex and Morris counties. Additionally, Drs Teja and Koss are passionate athletes themselves, which makes their approach to treatment quite holistic. Not only do the doctors understand the physiological aspect, but they also understand the psychological aspect of sports injury and recovery.

Dr. Zaino and Dr. Corrigan

The hand is one of the most complex areas of a human skeleton with more bones, joints, nerves, tendons, and ligaments than any part of the body. When surgery on the hand is required, you want the best of the best and here, Dr. Christian J. Zaino and Dr. Frank J. Corrigan are second to none. While surgery of the hand is their specialty, Drs. Zaino and Corrigan are also veterans when it comes to treating various conditions of the upper extremity.

Dr. White

The complexity of a human foot is beyond comprehension for a layman and even an inexperienced Dr. may struggle with it. It is one of the most complex parts of the human skeleton, which is why the majority of injuries of the foot require a specialist. So, since you never want to risk it, when it comes to the treatment of complex foot and ankle injuries, Dr. Kevin White is the first choice.

Dr. Wu

It is estimated that up to 1% of the population of the USA has some sort of trouble with rheumatoid arthritis. Sadly, not many of them receive proper care. Fortunately for OINJ patients, Dr. Jason J. Wu is a double board-certified specialist in both rheumatology and internal medicine. He also runs the infusion center for patients who require complex medical treatments.

Drs. Castro and Gutkin

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, also known as Physiatry, is a branch of medicine aimed at restoring functional ability and quality of life. Our physiatrists also focus on non-surgical treatments of degenerative spine ailments. It is in pursuit of this noble calling that Dr. Cristopher Castro and Dr. Michael S. Gutkin gained so much renown.

Dr. Salari

No one can dispute that spinal surgeries are complex. The sad part is that they’re almost as dangerous as they are necessary. To minimize the risk, one would need a surgeon with both nerves of steel and as much knowledge on the subject matter. In both of these fields, it’s highly unlikely that someone would top Dr. Behnam Salari.

Final words

They say that it takes a village to raise a child, well, providing holistic orthopedic care doesn’t take much less. With the type of retainer that OINJ can pride itself on, it’s hard to imagine that you could find this quality of service anyplace else.

This article was reviewed and approved by an orthopedic surgeon as we place a high premium on accuracy for our patients and potential patients.