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Dr. Jason Wu Invited to Speak at NJAOPS Events

Dec 15, 2015

Jason Wu, DO recently spoke at a luncheon on December 9, 2015 for the New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (NJAOPS). Founded in 1901, NJAOPS is an organization dedicated to advancing the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine. They are committed to advancing the quality of patient education as well as the informational and legislative needs of over 5,000 osteopathic physicians, surgeons and students. Dr. Wu’s presentation, entitled Updates in Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis, focused on the updated guidelines for prognosis, treatments and continued monitoring of treatments for patients living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The presentation also covered the management of RA in patients who also have a secondary chronic disease or other condition (e.g., pregnancy). His presentation is an example of his commitment to the healthcare community, and to that end he has also been invited to speak at NJAOPS’s Atlantic Regional Osteopathic Convention (AROC) on April 13-16, 2016. The annual event will be held at Bally's and Caesars in Atlantic City, NJ. The goal of the convention is to illustrate the NJAOPS’s commitment to provide independent, needs-based education fostering change in physicians’ knowledge, competence and performance to improve patient outcomes. As the head of rheumatology at The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, Dr. Wu has years of experience and training dedicated to the care of rheumatologic conditions. As a result, he—as well as the other physicians in the practice—is regarded as an authority in his specialty. Therefore, physicians at The Orthopedic Institute for New Jersey are highly sought by various medical communities for their insights in their respective fields.

This article was reviewed and approved by an orthopedic surgeon as we place a high premium on accuracy for our patients and potential patients.