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Youth Sports Medicine at OINJ Morristown

Jul 26, 2018

Torn ACLs. Concussions. Rotator cuff injuries. Or just a plain, ordinary, bad fall off a bike. Our kids get injured all the time, and they need expert attention from physicians who know how to treat growing bones and muscles. That’s where OINJ adolescent sports medicine at Morristown comes in. We’ve got a team for your kid from kinderkickers and younger, up through varsity sports at all levels. And for the kid who isn’t on a team, and just likes to jump rope or swing a racket or go skateboarding? Or who bruises an elbow on the swing set? We’re here for them, too. Because those young brains and bones need a certain kind of attention, a certain kind of education, in order to be able to grow up strong and well. William Sayde MD, is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist; Ferheen Shamim, MD, is an orthopedic sports medicine physician who has served as a doctor for numerous triathlons as well as giving time in student football clinics; and Rehan Shamim, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who has treated Olympic, professional, and NCAA Division I athletes. All are dedicated to helping your young sports enthusiasts get back to doing what they love. Your kid probably doesn’t understand much about hydration, for example. They don’t always recognize thirst — or even know that you can get dehydrated without being thirsty. Dizziness, fatigue, confusion, and certainly under-performance can result — and that’s along with muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Being an adolescent sports medicine physician at OINJ Morristown means we become part of your athlete’s support team, and we can teach them — and you — about the signs to watch for — and what to do to prevent it.

Another danger to a young athlete’s health is a head injury. Concussion is often in the news, now, yet many kids (and parents) don’t realize that it doesn’t require a direct hit in the head for one to occur. Any hit to the body that jolts or is transmitted to the head can result in a concussion. At OINJ Morristown, our dedicated sports medicine specialists can diagnose, assess, and treat concussions that occur. They can also perform baseline concussion testing at the beginning of the season, so there’s a measure for comparison if there is an injury. We can also make sure that your kids know — and are using — the proper equipment for the sport. At Morristown, OINJ also has an Orthopedic Urgent Care — the right place to be for a non-life threatening orthopedic emergency. Whereas at the local emergency room, you’ll see a general doctor, at OINJ Orthopedic Urgent Care you’ll see the orthopedic specialists you need when your kid takes a tumble on the basketball court or injures a wrist swinging a bat. Dedicated to your kids’ orthopedic health, the adolescent sports medicine experts at OINJ Morristown are ready for you.

To make an appointment, call (908) 684-3005. With eight office locations in northern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, OINJ is able to service patients from Milford, PA, to Summit, NJ.  OINJ is known for its orthopedic expertise, targeted, innovative treatment, attentiveness to patients and efficient and organized staff. The office accepts most insurance plans, and the staff has privileges at Morristown Memorial Hospital. About Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey The OINJ board certified physicians and specialists from all branches of orthopedic care collaborate with each other and with other partners in their patients’ care to come up with the best plan of action, providing both surgical and non-surgical solutions built from this team effort. Multiple office locations, extended hours, urgent care sites, and a centralized call center make it easy for referring physicians and for their patients, who are of all ages, with injuries and conditions of all kinds. 

This article was reviewed and approved by an orthopedic surgeon as we place a high premium on accuracy for our patients and potential patients.