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For Expert Care of Back Pain, Scoliosis, and Other Conditions of Тhe Spine

It’s ironic that we never really think about our backs, until they’re the only thing we can think about. Chronic back pain makes everyday life difficult and stressful, and sudden back pain can feel as if it completely incapacitates you. And if you or your pediatrician notice a curvature in your child’s spine that can signify scoliosis, there can seem to be no end to the worry. You can relax, because the focused, specific care you need is here, at the Spine Center at The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey in Morristown. Benham Salari, DO, who heads up the Spine Center, and other staff professionals are experienced diagnosticians who can identify, evaluate, and treat your condition, whether it’s sciatica, spinal stenosis, a slipped or herniated disc, or other disorder. Dr. Salari is a member of many medical societies, including the North American Spine Society and the prestigious Society of Lateral Access Surgery, a professional society open only to those who are pioneers in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery. Membership requires both a dedication to clinical research and the performance of a certain number of minimally invasive spine surgeries.

Dr. Salari specializes in those minimally invasive approaches, which generally require less healing time and allow for quicker recoveries. His expertise includes procedures such as artificial disc replacement, revision spine surgery, and minimally invasive microdisectomy and decompression. He also performs 360 spinal fusion, which can correct deformities of the lower back while providing a high degree of stability and reducing or eliminating lower back pain. He stresses, however, that surgery is just one option that is available. “Having back pain or a spine injury affects every single thing you do, but to have spine surgery is a major decision,” says Dr. Salari. “I consider all non-operative treatments for your condition first, and then carefully weigh our options.” Recognized for his expertise, his caring for both his patients and their families, and for the time he spends with his patients, Dr. Salari has been with OINJ for six years. His point of view? “Communication, caring, and being accessible are all essential. You have to know and understand your patient.” If you have been experiencing nagging back pain or have pain in another part of your body that just doesn’t seem to go away — since radiated back pain can affect other areas — visit the Spine Center at OINJ in Morristown. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Salari, call (908) 684-3005.

The office accepts most insurance plans, and the staff has privileges at Morristown Memorial Hospital. About Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey The OINJ board certified physicians and specialists from all branches of orthopedic care collaborate with each other and with other partners in their patients’ care to come up with the best plan of action, providing both surgical and non-surgical solutions built from this team effort. Multiple office locations, extended hours, urgent care sites, and a centralized call center make it easy for referring physicians and for their patients, who are of all ages, with injuries and conditions of all kinds.

This article was reviewed and approved by an orthopedic surgeon as we place a high premium on accuracy for our patients and potential patients.