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Concussion Care



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Leading the Way in Concussion Care

The Concussion Center at OINJ educates the community about concussions, provides baseline testing and diagnoses and treats patients who may have suffered a concussion. With the strong focus on concussions, many parents and athletes have been appropriately concerned about participating in sports, particularly those sports that have a higher potential for head injuries.  Therefore, OINJ strives to better educate patients about this condition and provide them with state-of-the-art care.


  • Concussion Baseline Testing
    Using this computerized tool, OINJ can evaluate memory, concentration and reaction times. Learn How.
  • Neurological Examination
    Our specialists assess balance, coordination, hearing, reflexes, strength & sensation and vision.
  • Cognitive Testing 
    Tests evaluating the ability to recall information, concentration and memory.
  • Imaging Tests
    Diagnostic imaging may be used for patients whose symptoms may be worsening with time.