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At the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, we want you to experience the best in care. We have multiple locations and extended hours, so that your appointment can be convenient. We have orthopedic experts with many specialties and we collaborate on care, so that your treatment will be thoughtful, targeted, and innovative. We have a pleasant and organized staff, so your time here will be comfortable and productive. We have one goal: that our work makes you heal faster, feel better.

Here’s what our patients are saying:

I could not have imagined better results for the arthroscopy on my torn meniscus. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Koss made me feel quite confident in his ability and the favorable outcome. He was 100% correct. From the moment I came to, after the surgery, I had zero pain and zero discomfort. I was able to put full weight on my corrected knee and I have had no trouble walking around on it. In fact, the leg with the procedure done, already feels 10 times better than the knee I have yet to have corrected. I anticipate my second knee procedure to be just as successful. Thank you Dr. Koss! You have my highest recommendations.

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