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At the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, we want you to experience the best in care. We have multiple locations and extended hours, so that your appointment can be convenient. We have orthopedic experts with many specialties and we collaborate on care, so that your treatment will be thoughtful, targeted, and innovative. We have a pleasant and organized staff, so your time here will be comfortable and productive. We have one goal: that our work makes you heal faster, feel better.

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After going to a different surgeon to receive an ACL reconstruction using a cadaver graft, I than had to see said surgeon again for hardware removal and replacement. 2 weeks later, I had another bump resembling the bump I had prior to the second surgery. The surgeon I was seeing brushed it under the rug and released me back to work the following week.

I called the orthopedic institute, DESPERATELY asking if someone would see me after being referred to Dr DeFalco. Instead, they put me through to Dr Dundon.

I went in and he immediately sent me for X-rays on the bump on my knee (something the old surgeon told me was not necessary). The results came back that the same screw was almost free floating in my leg! When Dr Dundon showed me the X-rays I began crying in the office, telling him how I can’t handle a third surgery in a matter of two months, and that I was at my wits end. His exact words to me were “we aren’t gonna look at anything in the past, we are gonna go forward, fix it, and get you back to your everyday life.”

I looked for info on Dr Dundon and couldn’t find any reviews on him.. which made me nervous, for absolutely nothing… Dr Dundon was the 2nd person in my room at the surgical center. He was already ready to go in his operation outfit and re-explained everything that he had planned to do to me (removed the screw, use a scope to check the ACL graft and menisci). He did just that, and fully explained it all to my mom after my surgery as she waited for me to awaken.

I left the surgical center feeling great. I was relieved as he took the proper precautions to prevent infection after I ended up with two after my last two surgeries. A week later I felt fantastic. I removed the bandages and my incisions look fantastic. People couldn’t even tell I had another surgery!

Dr Dundon became the answer to my prayers, and I will never go anywhere other than the orthopedic institute from this point forward.

– Courtney

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