There is no way to ever repay what you have done for us.

At the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, we want you to experience the best in care. We have multiple locations and extended hours, so that your appointment can be convenient. We have orthopedic experts with many specialties and we collaborate on care, so that your treatment will be thoughtful, targeted, and innovative. We have a pleasant and organized staff, so your time here will be comfortable and productive. We have one goal: that our work makes you heal faster, feel better.

Here’s what our patients are saying:

Jan, 23rd i received lumbar fusion surgery preformed by Dr. Salari. I am one week into recovery and feel tremendously better. This experience is not one of joy, but due to the relentless effort of him and his staff, i can honestly say i felt like i was being so well cared for my five days in the hospital wont be missed, but him and his staff certainley will. His no nonsense approach, character, and simply the time and care taken with a patient is unmatched. No questions are ever unanswered. I would not only recommend but advise anyone living with pain to please seek out an appointment with this firm. Thank you again from myself and my wife for giving me back a normal quality of life. There is no way to ever repay what you have done for us.

– Kyle Utter

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