I put all my trust in these doctors.

At the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, we want you to experience the best in care. We have multiple locations and extended hours, so that your appointment can be convenient. We have orthopedic experts with many specialties and we collaborate on care, so that your treatment will be thoughtful, targeted, and innovative. We have a pleasant and organized staff, so your time here will be comfortable and productive. We have one goal: that our work makes you heal faster, feel better.

Here’s what our patients are saying:

The Orthopedic Institute is the best care I have ever received. From Dr. Corrigan for carpal tunnel to Dr. Teja for shoulder, to Dr. Castro for my amazing back care, I can’t thank all them enough. All the employees at all the offices are very warm and make you feel comfortable. Everyone at the surgery center is so understanding and cordial. I came to NJ 3 years ago and am so glad I chose this practice for my healthcare. It’s a one stop center for everything you could possibly need and all the Dr’s work together to provide you with the best care. I now live 3 hours away from them, but I travel back to NJ for my healthcare because I put all my trust in these doctors. So, thank you Dr. Corrigan, Dr. Teja and a special thank you to Dr. Castro for taking care of me.

– Kim

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