I have to say the staff is incredible!

At the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey, we want you to experience the best in care. We have multiple locations and extended hours, so that your appointment can be convenient. We have orthopedic experts with many specialties and we collaborate on care, so that your treatment will be thoughtful, targeted, and innovative. We have a pleasant and organized staff, so your time here will be comfortable and productive. We have one goal: that our work makes you heal faster, feel better.

Here’s what our patients are saying:

“I’ve been a patient here for almost a year…. and I have to say the staff is incredible! I presented multiple symptoms, which mimicked meniscus issues, tendinitis, joint pain all over, severe pain in lower back/hips/heels/neck, etc. etc. I initially saw Dr. DeFalco for sports medicine, figuring it was sports related (as at the time, it was mostly the knee which was giving out), then after some tests (and as the symptoms progressed), I was referred to Dr. Castro (Spine), after blood work, MRI’s, CT-scans…. he had a feeling something else was the culprit and referred me to Dr. Jason Wu (Rheumatology). I was ultimately diagnosed with the early stages of Ankylosing Spondylitis!! I never even heard of that before. After reading up on it, I was horrified what the future had in store for me! This team worked together and communicated and got me a diagnosis which usually takes years and years for others, who are initially diagnosed and treated for other ailments. By that time some people are already fused, taking biologics and in need of surgeries…. I am very fortunate that I found these doctors…. They are not aggressive and use a conservative approach to treatment…. Dr. Wu said physical therapy (which I do daily in forms of muscle strengthening, yoga, cardio workouts) is key. I have changed my diet dramatically (including servings of foods with natural anti-inflammatories) and keep up with my daily strength training…. I feel great!!! I thank you all so much for the quick diagnosis and for helping me get this beast under control!”

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