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I had been a patient at this practice since 2009 when I had my knees replaced in 2009/2010. I still lived in pain, not from my knees but in my back and my hips. 2014 was a bad year for me as I lost my Mom and boyfriend within 3 weeks of one another and had been splitting my time between the two of them with hospice care. I had forgotten about myself and wanted to give both of them my care and attention. After they passed, I lived through the rest of 2014 miserable, sad and so very lonely. When 2015 rolled around, I knew that I had to take care of myself, but that wasn’t until August 2015.

I had enveloped so much pain, I could hardly function at all. I thought maybe my knees were failing, so I had X-rays taken and visited Dr. Teja once again. They were perfect, but the pain was so intense I thought maybe it was my sciatic nerve pain. I was instructed to have x-rays and an MRI done and see an orthopedic surgeon for my back and nerves.

I went to see Dr. Salari, who is a specialist with many attributes with spine and back, among other issues going on with me. When I had my visit with Dr. Salari, I was in for a rude awakening. I had age related scoliosis, and also during that exam,I had two bad hips. My left one was dislocated and bone fragments floating around and my right one was almost as bad, but that could wait.

I found out I needed a disc decompression of my lower spine S1 to L5 and I needed a fusion up to T-10. The surgery was going to be intense, and I did go for a second opinion because it was a risky surgery for me. I had COPD and anesthesia would be risky for this surgery due to the length of each one. It would be a two day surgery, one on a Monday and the next on Wednesday.

There were a lot of other things going on with me as well, and at first we were only going to do the decompression and that would be it. But at some point I would need the fusion surgery as well. I was concerned because at the time I was 65, it I waited a few years for the next one, I would of course be older and more risky as well. So I talked with my family and decided for both to take place. On that Monday, I would have the vascular surgery to go in from the front and needed a vascular surgeon to move vessels out of the way, and cut again on my side to get the cage in, and then the decompression on the lower spine.

We had to wait for the vascular surgeon to have a set date for me. Which wouldn’t be until Monday, April 18, 2016. So that was the date we strove for to have it all done. In the meantime I saw Dr Salari faithfully month after month until my date arrived. He was very forthcoming about everything and didn’t mince any words to me or my family about what was to take place. I went through test after test, and had to be well for this surgery, we waited too long to move forward. There were issues about my breathing among other issues. Dr. Salari was only a phone call away if I needed to find out about any little issue. His assistant took great care and set up all my dates when I needed any tests and within the exact timeframe. Dr. Salari knew me, but also my family, and the report we had was exceptional. He was concerned not only about my medical issues, but genuinely cared about the person I was and what I would have to go through. He was a rock through all my issu! es.

I was in pain this whole time and had not only had to see Dr. Ali for pain management, but Dr. Castro as well for epidural shots in my spine to relieve the pain I had, it seemed that nothing helped, I was always in pain, but in the end managed to persevere through all of it.

I am pleased to say the surgery was quite an experience, to say the least, but got through it after all, 6 months later I had my hips taken care of as well, and will continue to write about Dr. Dundon on his name.

But…….I can’t thank Dr. Salari enough for all he has done for me and my family, he gave me back to them a whole person free from the excruciating pain that I lived with on a daily basis. Although I still experience aches and pain (yes I still have pain), that I live with and it IS livable, after all I have osteoporosis and the arthritis is bad, but I feel so lucky to have a surgeon who took a chance with me, to make me whole again. I always give him a big hug and kiss when I see him and I consider him a man who can do great things on flawed individuals such as myself. God Bless You Dr. Ben Salari, you will always be in my heart. See on on future visits. And bug hugs!!!!!!

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